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April 12, 2008

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Chiefs Break Record

August 27, 2007

Just as you were wondering who the Jays were going to call up at the beginning of September, the Syracuse Chiefs set a new standard for futility.

In their game last night against the Ottawa Lynx, the Chiefs tallied 10 errors, tying the International League record in the last 43 years.

Keep up the good work Chiefs, defense is overrated.

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Early Opinions on the FedEx Cup

August 26, 2007

To be completely honest I had no idea what the FedEx Cup was until about a week and a half ago. I had watched many Sunday afternoons this golf season and seen the logo, heard it mentioned but until earlier in the week I hadn't actually taken the time to research it. I must say after understanding it, and watching a few hours of action this afternoon I am a fan.

I like everything about it. I think it has captured a few things from other sports that are some of the very reasons we enjoy other sports.

If you mention the phrase "on the bubble" to any casual sports fans, it reminds them of March Madness and the mad scramble through Conference Tournaments, RPI Rankings, and Selection Sunday. I really enjoyed watching Rich Beem play way over his head this week and limp home while living to play another day.

Another thing I found refreshing this afternoon was seeing Tiger Woods sitting in 4th place of the FedEx Cup Standings at the end of the day. As hard as it is to get the Tiger, Phil etc., to play this late in the year, the point structure, along with the $10 million in prize money to the winner will bring some added incentive, and much needed buzz to the Tour's last 4 events of the season.

I know the FedEx Cup has it's critics, but regardless of what they say the Barclay's was a quality event, with a great field, a great finish, with a great lead up to the next 3 weeks.

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Who Owns What

March 14, 2007

I took part in an interesting discussion in my Sociology class today about who owns what. We were talking about media, and how mass media outlets are owned by major companies who often have vested interests in other areas of society, or other business sectors. This can obviously lead to strong biases regarding certain current events and the coverage major news networks give to them.

So I started looking around online tonight and found a website that has a pretty good list of what the major corporations own. Many of them cover a wide range of areas, and it becomes very clear how a conflict of interest can occur.

I will use my wife and I as an example, along with AOL Time Warner to show how involved these companies are in our day to day life (assuming we had a little more than the basic cable we have right now).

News - CNN
Movies - Warner Bros. Studios
Seinfeld - Castle Rock Entertainment
Sports Illustrated
People (people.com) (on Jamie's google homepage)
Entertainment Weekly
Cooking Light (subscription courtesy mom)
Golf Magazine
TNT (NBA Playoffs)
Atlanta Braves
Amazon.com (partial ownership)

Pretty interesting. That is not even a tenth of everything they own. I wil lay off on the commentary on this one, just sharing what I learned.

Let the madness begin (March Madness that is).

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Still In It

March 11, 2007

CP Photo
I taped the Maple Leaf game last night because I was going to be out at the Night Hoops final. I got home and watched the whole thing. I must admit I had lost hope in the third period. Down 3-1 to Ottawa I figured we were done. Not only done for the game, but the season. Kaberle's out, Ottawa spanked us 5-1 earlier in the week, I just figured it was over.

But not so fast. The Leafs played one of the better periods I've seen them play all year, and then Tucker capped it off in OT. I wasn't a huge Tucker fan back in the Corson/Roberts/Belfour era, but with the younger team right now, he is crucial to the Leafs' success.

Wellwood played last night for the first time in 33 games, his playmaking will help the power play for sure.

Sorry for the hockey post to those who don't care. Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

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Beer Things

March 09, 2007

I am currently drinking the first beer of our most recent batch of homebrew. This batch was an English Pale Ale (Bass Ale attempt). Quite satisfied so far. Good colour, aggressively hopped (but not quite like an IPA). Not sure what we will do for our next one yet, I have some ideas, but I haven't confirmed with my brewing partner Chris.

On another beer topic, I recently bought 4 cans of Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale in cans. Inside these cans was a small plastic ball called a floating widget. This was the coolest thing I have seen in the bottled/canned beer world. You can read more about it here.

Chris and our newest employee, Drew.

Night Hoops finishes up this weekend. I enjoyed it, but I think I will enjoy having my weekends back more.

If you haven't checked out my brother's beard blog recently, check it out here.


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3 Years Later

March 08, 2007

Three years ago today, was the day Todd Bertuzzi knocked out Steve Moore at GM Place in Vancouver. I think I have an interesting perspective on this situation as I am not a die hard Canucks fan. It's interesting living in Vancover, but still having some level of disconnect between myself and the team. At the same time, I like Bertuzzi, and I really feel for the guy. My brother and I worked at a sports camp in Cambridge that summer in which Bertuzzi's son was involved. So Todd was around, I never talked to the guy, but I really had sympathy for him (even if he did drop off his kid in his Hummer with spinning rims).

It bugs me how much people in Vancouver hate the guy. I don't understand how a guy can go from being loved, a fan favorite, and hero, to being the reason the whole team fell apart. People here are still obsessed with him, even after they traded him for all-world goalie Roberto Luongo, and Bertuzzi has struggled with injuries all season. Every time he does anything they talk about it on the radio, and are constantly bringing the guy down.

I am not dismissing what he did, it was awful. But how long do you need to kill the guy for it? He feels bad, he served his time (regardless of whether or not if was enough, he paid his price). Let him get on with things.

Here is Part I of a two part interview with Steve Moore that was on the National last night and tonight.

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Look Alike Contest

March 07, 2007

Two useless skills I have are combining words to create new ones. The other is placing people I know along with people that are famous. Here are a few, I hope I don't embarrass anyone.

Bro In Law JasonNotre Dame QB Brady Quinn
Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger

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Another Attempt

March 04, 2007

I am back, for now. It's so weird, me and blogs. I like reading them, I like hearing what everyone's doing and thinking about, yet I can't help but find my own blog boring and weak.

Things are going quite well right now. I got into Brock for Sports Management. I feel really good about this. It was quite the surprise getting in. I had my mind set on becoming a teacher, either through Brock's Concurrent Education Program, or doing an Arts Degree, followed by Teacher's College, but either way I thought I'd be a teacher. But when I didn't get into that program, but did get into Sports Management, and I started thinking about some of the jobs I could get, I got really excited. I am really looking forward to it.

Starting to get excited about moving. I really miss some little things about Ontario. I miss sports being on at normal times. I miss Boston Cream donuts. Family. Tim and Leah. Sportsnet Ontario. The FAN 590. People that like Bertuzzi.

Also becoming aware of things I will miss about Vancouver. Microbrew beers. Cars stopping for me when I'm walking. Some really good friends I've made this year, and over the past few years through YWAM, our church, Sports Junkies, Britannia.

I will do my best to do this more often.


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Global Warming

January 10, 2007

I am starting to get a little sick of all this global warming talk. Not because I want the world to flood, or because I am ignorant, but more because I just don't know how to care. What am I supposed to do to slow this thing down. I find it hard to believe that if I take the bus or walk an every once and a while, it's really going to make a difference. Besides, I do walk to work, Jamie drives, so blame her. There are more people in the world than ever before, and as the world becomes more industrialized, and globalized, it's going to get much worse before it gets better.

I also don't think it would be all that bad if I could play golf in Ontario in January.

Saturday is Hockey Day in Canada. They are playing the Leaf/Canuck game on the new screen at GM Place on Saturday night, Kyle Martin and I might go in our Leaf Jersies and hats.

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